Tuesday, December 02, 2008


The Post's Bill Husted on 5280 magazine's Denver restaurant issue:

It's a given that city magazines are boosterish, but this story takes a pretty stern look at our town. Here's a quote: "The city doesn't sit on the cutting edge [sic] of anything — not art, not music, not architecture, not politics. We possess few corporate headquarters, we're not a technology hub, and by the time fashion trends work their way here from the coasts, the same clothes are often found languishing on the clearance racks in New York and Los Angeles."
Life is not worth living. Or, as Bill Husted puts it:
Yes. Ouch. Oh, here's Booster-baiter Bill on a few of the restaurants mentioned in the piece:
The top eats tier hails the precious [precious?] Beatrice & Woodsley, Bistro One, The Counter, D Bar (Denver's first celebrity chef, Keegan Gerhard) [now that's progress!], Fuel Cafe (try to find it at Taxi), Marco's Coal-Fired Pizzeria (everyone's favorite), Masterpiece Delicatessen (sandwiches for swooning) [God] and Q Worldly Barbeque and Jazz Lounge (my favorite
neighborhood musical Q).
Joke I just made up: Husted's desk at the Post has a booster chair. Ha! Call the waaaaahmbulance!

Update: Originally had Husted working at the Rocky. Fixed. (h/t the ever-watchful eye of former Rockyite Linda Seebach).

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