Monday, December 22, 2008

Ward Churchill joins Facebook

The fake-Indian ex-professor is a happenin' dude, ain't he? I actually joined the wretched thing myself to see his profile, but it turns out I have to be his "friend" too, and I can't bring myself to do it. He'd probably (poorly stifled sob) turn me down, anyway. It also looks like it might be a Wart Churchill Stolidarity Network production, and certainly Tommy "Tater Trot" Mayer wouldn't let me on.

You can, however, see his list of already accepted "friends." Though several others will be worth a google if I ever get the chance, I recognized only three names: Leonard Peltier, Naomi Klein, and the noted revolutionary and Tribune of the People, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Update: ex-CU instructor Benjie Whitmer is also on Facebook. His "About Me"? "A Denver horseshit artist, with a couple of writing projects on the way."

Yeah, forthcoming. But "horseshit artist?" Talk about ego inflation. "Horseshit apprentice" is more like it.

Update: Hartsel's only Somali pirate (a pirate in a landlocked state? Go figure. Now!) notes that Billy Ayers is a friend of Wart's as well. Ward's just not, you know, the guy who taught him how to make bombs.

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