Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday Night at the Radio!

Sunday, December 7. What should I play? Okay, here's CBS's World News Today from December 6, 1941. Good stuff, including John Daly on the battle for Moscow ("The invaders are more the victims of cold than our bullets,' assert the Russians, who refer to the weather as 'our December frost'"); Bob Trout reporting from London; Ford Wilkins in Manila ("Preparations for war in this area have reached a new high level"); and Albert Warner in Washington on the diplomatic outlook.

"New York Philharmonic Broadcast Interrupted By Attack On Pearl Harbor." Interestingly, it starts with a report on the torpedoing of a U.S. ship carrying lumber before they even get word of the Pearl Harbor attack (December (checking notes here) 7, 1941.)

Part one of a Jack Benny: "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" (30 November 1941); and part two, w/news bulletin interruptions (7 December 1941).

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