Sunday, December 28, 2008

Catching up with: the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement

They're festering about Israel's (utterly unprovoked) attacks in Gaza. Support Gaza:
The Israeli Zionist state and U.S. imperialism does [sic] not have the right to commit mass murder against the Palestinian or any other people The bombings of December 26 are another example of the true face of Israel and the the United States. We call on the world’s people to condemn this and all other forms of imperialist aggression. Only through peoples’ resistance and revolution can U.S. imperialism and Zionism be overthrown and a new world built.

Down with U.S. Imperialism
Down with Zionism
Defend the Palestinian People’s Right to Self Determination
Of course, I'm probably the only member of "the world's people" (marginally) who reads their silly crap. The post before is somewhat more direct: "Fuck I$rael Hard! Fuck Amerikkka Harder!"


Update: Snaps notes that the latter post has disappeared. Pulling a Benjie on us, I guess. It's just a fucking blog, man.

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