Sunday, December 28, 2008

New funding appeal for Churchill lawsuit

From SpeakOut:
Support Ward Churchill's Trial

The Ward Churchill Solidarity Network announces their new website, At this site, you can read updates of his trial, support the legal fund, and learn about the intersections between the many issues that this case represents.
The "new" WCS Network, of course, has been around for months, though it hasn't had any new content in, again, months, and even failed to follow through on its threat of new writing from the fat man hisself. Continue:
Churchill was stripped of tenure because of his critical response to 9/11/01. The University of Colorado then scrutinized Churchill's scholarship, challenged his academic integrity, and fired him from a tenured position. He responded with a legal case based on his 1st Ammendment [sic] rights; the trial to examine CU's actions is set for March 9, 2009.

Why fight this particular injustice? Ward has become of symbol of [sic--h/t Anon] what academic freedom and the right to political dissent mean in this country, in these times. Every week we hear of professors being fired, or intimidated into changing what they teach, and of students who believe everything they hear on the TV "news."

The chilling effect of CU's actions are [sic] very real. If rightwing forces don't encounter resistance to this firing, they will consider it license to constrict freedom of expression even more.

In this case, CU has come up with claims of "research misconduct" to fire Ward for speech protected by the First Amendment. Simply put: . . .
You know the drill, though this run-through of Churchillian lies is more sketchy than most. Here's the interesting part:
However, justice doesn't always prevail. CU has apparently endless resources to throw at this case, while Ward and his wife are responsible for covering all the direct costs of bringing the lawsuit – deposition transcripts, plane tickets for witnesses, expert witness fees, trial transcripts. They need to raise about $50,000.
That's all? David Lane must be taking a hell of a hit. Good deal.
Every $25 helps, but we hope you'll consider donating a plane ticket for a witness, or sending $125 to transcribe a
deposition. . . .
SpeakOut, as you may have surmised, is a speakers bureau. A huge, progressive speakers bureau. Among the usuals like Noam Chomsky, "parecon" bore Michael Albert, Codestink's Medea Benjamin, commie scum Angela Davis and Luddite fool and Wart-pal Derrick Jensen, are some funny ones, including hip-hoppers Black Panther F.U.G.I.T.I.V.E.S. (Future Under the Guidance of Intelligent True Individuals who Visualize Every Struggle) and "Bitch" ("Songstress, Educator, Activator and Prophetess"). Scroll through and find your own faves.

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