Monday, December 15, 2008

Rocky writers launch website to save paper

From the site, "":
Ever since Denver was a collection of shacks and gold miners’ tents, the Rocky Mountain News has been here to chronicle each day of our state's life. We covered the Civil War, Colorado statehood, the Ludlow Massacre, two world wars and the Great Depression, six Broncos Super Bowls, two Stanley Cup championships, two national political conventions, the tragedy at Columbine, the fires of 2002, the Iraq war's home front, and all of Colorado's booms and busts.

This latest bust could be our last. The owners of our paper have put us up for sale and hinted at shutting us down if they can’t find a buyer.

We are prepared to fight that. We are the reporters, editors, photographers, web producers and everyone who brings you the Rocky. We take pride in what we do for our readers, our community and our industry, just as our predecessors William Byers, William A.H. Loveland, Damon Runyon, Mary Coyle Chase and Gene Amole.

Unless we can make something happen by the middle of January, our owners could close the Rocky. Colorado deserves better.

So we’re taking our case to you, our readers, our friends, our neighbors. Through this Web site and other efforts, the staff of the Rocky wants to:

Preserve and protect the editorial voice of the Rocky in our community.

Preserve and protect the legacy of the Rocky and its historical archives, which provide a window to the infancy of our state and the city of Denver.

Fight for the jobs of more than 200 Coloradans and the many others that would be affected by the newspaper's closure.
It's gonna take a (Christmas) miracle. Mary Coyle Chase, of course, wrote the imperishable Harvey.

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