Sunday, December 14, 2008

How cold?

It's four below zero right now in Denver. Or maybe seven below.

Or maybe 15 below.

Those are the current readings at the Weather Channel, the Post, and the Rocky, respectively.

According to the Post, we already set a record of -15 degrees today, but apparently they take their measurements from Denver International Airport, which, as everyone knows, is in New Hampshire.

We've also gotten a fair amount of snow already this season (about four inches last night in this part of town) and the mountains have been repeatedly massacreed with several feet, with more on the way.

Global warming. Five-hundred-year drought. I spit me of them.

Update: In comments from his fortress of desuetude in the mountains above Hartsel, JWP (icy-handed a**pats be upon him) links to a classic piece of GW hysteria from AP "reporter" Seth Borenstein. I got your "tipping point" right here, Seth.

Update II: "Ski areas face big challenges in globally warmer world, study says."

Update III: "Skier in Aspen dies in avalanche."

Update IV: Denver breaks old low temp record by 13 degrees (again, DIA); homeless freezing their asses off. Climate, er, instability (yeah, that's the ticket).

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