Monday, December 15, 2008

Re!c!reate 60: How the mighty are fallen


City leaders in Centennial are considering aggressive action against coyotes which are growing in numbers around the community. One political action group is threatening to sue if the city takes action.

One woman told CBS4 five dogs and nine cats have been killed by coyotes since mid-August in her Willow Creek neighborhood. . . .

"When our council is hearing stories of people having to fend off coyotes, children having to fend off coyotes with lacrosse sticks, we ask ourselves, 'what if those lacrosse sticks weren't handy at the moment?'" said Mayor Pro Tem Rebecca McClellan.

Recreate 60 [sic!] is threatening to sue Centennial.

"A student has a bigger chance of being hit by a car, being bit by a domestic dog or being struck by lightning than they do of being attacked by coyotes," said Glenn Spagnuolo of the political action group. The group said people have to learn to live with nature.

Glenn "Nature Boy" Spagnuolo, living close to the wild in suburban Highlands Ranch (scroll down to the update). I bet he's never set up a pup tent in his life. Was it really just a few months ago that this gink bent the ear of national media at will? Well, at least CBS4 spelled his name right.
Centennial will hold a public meeting on the coyote issue Monday in the city council chambers.
Update: Commenter "sheepherder" links to Fox's report on the Centennial City Council meeting, at which Glenn threatened injunctions and "direct action" and all that lame krep. Oh, and the reporter calls him "Glenn Spagnulo."

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