Thursday, December 11, 2008

Shake, MIMie! Shake!

The Maoist Internationalist Movement (aka Henry Park) on dogs' preference for Marxism:

Karl Marx said socialism operates "to each according to her work," while communism has the distributional principle of "to each according to her need." A study shows dogs perform tricks according to pay, thus proving they prefer socialism.

Logical, logical.
"In treat-heavy conditions, the dogs give their paws for nearly every trial. When neither dog was given rewards, the dogs only gave their paws 20 out of 30 times and they required more verbal prompting to do so. But, when one animal was rewarded and the other was not, the unrewarded dogs only shook 12 times and displayed considerably more agitation than in either of the other tests."

The study's situation where one dog gets the reward for the other's trick is an indication of what happens under parasitism. Dogs don't like it.

From my own observation, dogs love parasites. Yum.
Capitalism is parasitism, rewards for owning things instead of working.
So just like any communist state, I make sure Billy Bob works for every Kibble and Bit.

Update: Mmmmm, treat-heavy conditions.

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