Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ward to hold classes at CU?

Got this from a source who may or may not wish to be named, but is definitely trustworthy. No link, either; it sounds like an e-mail from one of the alleged student groups:


This continuous event, which will be going on during the fall '07 and spring '08 semesters, will be supported by a number of student groups in welcoming back the teachings of Professor Ward Churchill for all those who missed out on his years as a proffesor [sic] and as a head of the ethnic studies department here at CU.

Churchill Teaching on Campus
Free Classes to Students
Humanities 1B80
October 2, 2007 6:30-9:15
*syllabus to be handed out first day of class along with scheduled class location and times

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. I'll try to nail this down, but of course I had to go with it right away, he said recklessly.

More Churchill stuff: According to the baggy-pants knuckleheads at the local Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement, the Four Directions March will be held the morning of the Columbus Day parade instead of the day before, as it was when I attended two years ago (God, I was so naïve).

(The exclamation, "Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket," stolen from here.)

Update: Churchill's dog Benjie appears to confirm the story (no link). Big deal. It's a stunt, and the class will be a sideshow just like the sideshows Wart used to run, except free and not for credit. I doubt many students will waste their time after the initial interest, if any, dies down.

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