Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Churchill to miss Denver Columbus Day protest

Looks like Ward Churchill and frau Natsu Saito will be giving Denver's Columbus Day protest a pass this year. Instead they'll be in Charlottesville, VA with eco-cruddite Derrick Jensen and Dana Lyons to
engage in three days of public events exploring the Columbus legacy: its origins, implications, and impact upon contemporary American culture.

Through the mediums of film, music, and the written word, the community is invited to examine fresh and controversial perspectives on our past and present, in an effort to better understand a more humane approach to our collective future

Oh boy. But why would Truthforce 'n' Wart miss the protest this of all years, the hundredth anniversary of the Columbus Day holiday? Are they, perhaps, worried about violence? Wart, of course, likes to encourage others to violent acts, but tends to shy from them himself. More likely, though, it's because of his lawsuit against CU. Being arrested might not look good to potential Denver jurors.

What, me violent?

(via Charlottesville Words, which opines of the Virginia Columbusfest, "Just one more reason Charlottesville is an awesome place to live.")

(John Brown via our friends at the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement)

Update: looking at the schedule of events, I suppose it's just possible for the dynamic duo to get back to Denver for the parade/protest and then fly back to Charlottesville for Sunday's public forum ("Get there early. Seats will go fast").

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