Thursday, September 27, 2007

Columbus Day observances announced

The American Indian Movement website has details of the Columbus Day weekend festivities they have planned for this unsuspecting ol' cowtown (via El Presidente):
This begins the ramp-up for our opposition to the Columbus Day Hate Speech Spectacle.

The Four Directions March, followed by massive rally at the Colorado State Capitol on Saturday October 6, 2007. March begins at 7:30 am/rally at 8:30. Come prepared to make history.
Somehow I don't think the organizers mean that the protest, in itself, will make history. AIM's Glenn Morris doesn't seem to have been "working" with the Denver cops this year, as he did in 2005; Glenn Spagnuolo of Recrate68! and Transform Columbus Day said (well, screamed) that this year, "all bets are off"as far as peaceful protest; it's the hundredth anniversary of the holiday, and AIM has been protesting it since 1990; and, finally and most significantly, Ward Churchill, who has led the protests from the beginning, is avoiding this one. You think he'd give a blackened, diseased eyetooth to be there--as long, of course, as it wouldn't harm his lawsuit against CU.

From all this your darling Drunkablog deduces that the AIM/Transform Columbus Day axis will attempt to incite violence at this year's protest. They probably won't get much--maybe some smashed windows, an overturned car or two, some fighting--something like (certainly as moronic as) the "riot" after the Broncos won the Super Bowl for the first time in 1998. But they'll blame it, of course, on the frustration of protesters at the continuing "hate crime" of the Columbus Day Parade.

But wait, there's more!

Protest of Columbus Day Parade 9:30-Noon. Rally to call for justice for Native peoples everywhere, for an end to the Colum-Bush legacy, repeal the Columbus holiday, call for an end to another Columbush imperial invasion in Iraq.

Rock Out Columbus Day Concert, Thursday, October 4, 2007, Oriental Theater, 44th Ave at Tennyson. 7-midnight. Featuring Debajo del Agua and Savage Family, with other indigenous acts.
And even more!
On Friday, October 5th, during the Friday night artwalk in the Santa Fe Drive District, "Columbuscide - Denver, 2007 • 515 years of invasion, indigenous resistance and renewal," sponsored by the American Indian Movement of Colorado and Transform Columbus Day Alliance. The show will expose the deception, death and destruction embodied in the celebration of Columbus Day, which was born 100 years ago this year in Colorado.
Colum-Bush. Columbuscide. These guys are wit. ty. Professional Indian Russell Means will have his own artwork at the show, by the way. Gee, do you think any of it will be for sale?

Update: Cheap?

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