Monday, September 17, 2007

"Suggested" reading

The Modesto anarchists are in financial trouble:
Modesto Anarcho has a $84 PO Box bill to pay! If you can send any type of donation that would help us out allot! You can also buy something from our distro.
Among the pamphlets available from their "distro":

  • Anarchist Parenting. Edited by Anarchist FAQ. An in depth look at what an approach to raising children in an anarchist fashion would look like and a critique of "authoritarian parenting".

  • Dropping Out: A Revolutionary Vindication of Refusal, Marginality, and Subculture. By Crimethinc. Argues that 'dropping out' of mainstream modes of existence can lead to revolutionary struggle.

  • Reclaim Rewild: A Vision for Going Feral and Actualizing our Wildest Dreams. What would it mean if we left 'civilization' behind and started to re-wild ourselves in a sustainable way with the earth? This booklet talks about various people doing just that.

  • Sabotage in the Workplace. A selection of real life accounts of people fighting back, stealing from, and sabotaging their workplaces.

  • Why I love Shoplifting from Big Corporations. By Crimethinc [my link--ed.]. A fun and easy to read critique of capitalism and consumerism and a defense against 'proletarian shopping'. You'll never look at a big store the same way again. "Nothing compares to the feeling of elation, of burdens being lifted and constraints escaped, that I feel when I walk out of a store with their products in my pockets. In a world where everything already belongs to someone else, where I am expected to sell away my life at work in order to get the money to pay for the minimum I need to survive, where I am surrounded by forces beyond my control or comprehension that obviously are not concerned about my needs or welfare, it is a way to carve out a little piece of the world for myself—to act back upon a world that acts so much upon me." Free!

  • The Youth Need a Liberation Front. By Rev. Terry and Crudo. A critique of modern schooling - and a call for social war by students against it. Short and easy to read. "If school is the beginning, then we will unmake school, better yet - we will declare war. An endless war for the endless attack that the system of markets, commerce, and work has created all around us."

  • This is Me, Using My Choice: A Collection of Women's Abortion Stories. By various. A collection of real life women's stories about their experiences with having an abortion.

  • Got the Hollow Points for the Snitches. A look at some of "snitches" who have lead to arrests in the radical ecological movement.

    And what anarchist reading list would be complete without:

  • The Calvin and Hobbes Guide to Daily Life. Edited by Robin Banks. Everyone's favorite cartoon duo is back - this time with a message of revolution! Various C&H cartoons are reprinted along with discussions and notes about further meanings behind them. Ideas around school, work, society, the media, and ecological destruction are all discussed. A great and entertaining introduction to anarchist ideas.
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