Monday, September 03, 2007

Goalposts demolished

Pirogue Ballerina quotes Professor Peter "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" Kirstein's surprising response, given his position in the Ward Churchill affair, to another educator's (only alleged) scholarly defugalties. In this case it's Glenn Poshard, president of Southern Illinois University. Go read, of course, but notice Kirstein's reference to an incident you've probably never heard of before: the "September 11 aerial attacks over New York."

More: Kirstein has pictures of DePaul's fall convocation Friday, during which protesters protested the school's denial of tenure to Norman Finkelstein. Note t-shirts. Up till now I was happy (nay, ecstatic) to be Ward Churchill. Always wanted to have an identity crisis, though.

Update: Hate to keep saying this (yeah, sure), but Kirstein is a stinkin' terrible writer, even for an English teacher.

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