Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ending Columbus Day in Amerika . . .

Means ending Amerika. A new robot-narrated video at the "Shubel Morgan" blog throws up lots of unrelated but gruesome images to start getting the halfwits riled up for Kolumbus Day. It ends with this fully realizable and non-self-contradictory manifesto:
1. Remove Amerikkka from all land it occupies!

2. Support the socialist reunification of Mexico! Return the "southwest" to the Mexicano peoples!

3. Return First Nations land to the First Nations!

4. National liberation for the Black Nation! A Black Nation possibly in the Black Belt lands.

5. National liberation for all U.S. colonies and neo-colonies!

6. Massive reparations by the first world to all nations they have exploited or oppressed!
Update: PB has some good stuff, including SIU president Glenn Poshard's questionable decision to have a department he oversees examine his dissertation for plagiarism.

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