Wednesday, September 12, 2007


According to Abukar Arman, to be finkelstein-ed is to be
maliciously branded Anti-Semitic. It is to be gagged, to be silenced, to be profiled, to be tainted, to be ostracized, and to be humiliated. It is to be intimidated, to be harassed, to be dehumanized, to be demonized. It is to be targeted, to be rejected, to be denied access, to be falsely accused, to be black-listed, and to be black-mailed. It is to be ganged upon, to be viciously manhandled, to be wrongly punished, and to be to be brutally injured. It is to be betrayed, to be ambushed, to be caged, and to be buried alive. It is to be intellectually shackled, to be morally scorned, and to be emotionally tortured. It is to be trapped and be hunted down. It is to be ill-indicted, to be ill-represented, and to be ill-judged. It is to be denied due process, to be railroaded. It is to be misconstrued, to be repressed, to be oppressed, to be enraged, to be outraged, and to be pushed to the edge. It is to be brow-beaten, to be bullied around, and to be sucker-punched. It is to be wronged, to be accused of heresy and to be excommunicated. It is to be maligned, to be libeled, to be slandered, and to be exploited.

I'm sorry. Were you saying something?

It is to be crucified....for being the voice of the voiceless, for championing intellectual freedom, for intellectual honesty; for active scholarship, for speaking truth to the power [sic]; for moral sanity, for ethical clarity, for refusing to bow to the pressures of a prevalent groupthink, for upholding God-given rights, for upholding the First Amendment. . . .

That's some word, finkelstein-ed. But if Normie went through half of what Arman says he did, it's amazing he's even alive (think what crucifixion, all by itself, does to a person). Not only is he alive, he's spry enough to run around threatening his former colleagues.

Arman, who's been profiled in Frontpagemag (always a warrant of good character), dribbles off into that peculiar Pali-speak in which "the truth about Palestine" is referred to but somehow never stated, and even those who regard a two-state solution as "moot" have "the well being of both peoples [as] the central pillar of their argument." He'd benefit from a good finkelsteining himself.

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