Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sunday Night at the Radio!

And that means Jack Benny, damn you. "Jack begs Sam Goldwyn to do 'The Life of Benny'" (6 April 1947). Lots of references to The Best Years of Our Lives, and Hoagy Carmichael does the Lucky Strike commercial to the tune of "Ol' Buttermilk Sky."

This is fun: The Les Paul Show. The infallible scholars at Wikipedia get it right again:
Paul . . . hosted a fifteen-minute radio program, The Les Paul Show, on NBC in 1950, featuring his trio (himself, Ford, and rhythm player Eddie Stapleton) and his electronics, recorded from their home and with gentle humour between Paul and Ford bridging musical selections, some of which had already been successful on records, some of which anticipated the couple's recordings, and many of which presented dazzling re-interpretations of such jazz and pop selections as "In the Mood," "Little Rock Getaway," "Brazil," and "Tiger Rag."
Great stuff. This one's got "Brazil" (12 May 1950).

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