Saturday, September 29, 2007

They're selling like tofu-cakes

Bet you didn't know that eco-jerk author Derrick "I'd Blow Things Up If Only I Knew How"* Jensen (who'll be appearing with Ward Churchill over Columbus Day weekend in Charlottesville, VA) has a line of t-shirts--and a line of bullshit to go along:

We were going to purchase shirts made in the USA by union workers, and then decided to go one step better and buy used shirts. These shirts were purchased from a wholesaler who bales them and sends them to non-industrialized nations (how strange and horrible it is that the shirts are manufactured in a non-industrialized nation, transported to the US, stored in a warehouse until someone decides they aren't right for this year's fashions, and then shipped back to the non-industrialized nation?).

Oh, I'm gouging my eyes out over it right now, Derrick. What's really strange and horrible, of course, is the galaxy-eating hypocrisy of the man. Jensen writes mendacious books (though luckily, and not only for the environment, hardly anybody buys them), lectures around the world, and sells t-shirts (as noted, slightly pre-owned), all of which carry the message: Western civilization is killing the Earth and Must. Be. Destroyed.

Jensen's (used) t-shirts run around $20, which is probably what he pays for a bale of the nasty things. Here's the verbiage on one:

Well, thanks. I guess.

Tools for local renewal and global dismantlement: Molotov cocktail, the wrench again, bomb, gun, crappy powerfist.

That's deep, man, but really, no, don't explain. And quit touching my landbase.

*Jensen has a Masters in some kind of literary junk but a B.Sc in Mineral Engineering Physics from Colorado School of Mines, where I believe BLURG (Blowing Things Up Real Good) is part of the core curriculum. And anyhow, Ward volunteered to teach him. That's Ward--always teaching.

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