Thursday, September 13, 2007

Churchill, taped

Debunken! has more video of Ward Churchill's appearance at Virginia Commonwealth University last week. In this segment the debunkenmeister engages with Churchill directly over the Korean War, and Churchill shows yet again what a fulminating asshole he is. What must it have been like to disagree with this jerk in class?

(via the tutu-ed pirate with the new rubber tip on his pegleg)

Fun letter to the editor in the Commonwealth Times about the same appearance:
Churchill is the latest in a series of left-wing and otherwise bizarre speakers and guests that the university has hosted at the students’ expense. This is nothing new; last spring the university shelled out big bucks to bring socialist Elaine Brown, as well as the raunchy “Sex Workers Art Show” performers, neither of which I would classify as “conservative.”

[W]hen will the university see fit to bring a qualified, competent conservative or libertarian thinker on campus? Syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock and MSNBC commentator Pat Buchanan come to mind almost immediately.
Pat Buchanan? Bring on the sex workers!
But no, the university will instead invite someone in the form of Howard Zinn or perhaps Rosie O’Donnell. Maybe she could convince us that 9/11 was an inside job.
Probably not.

The Silver & Gold Record notes CU's attempt to have Churchill's suit dismissed, in case you missed it:

Last week, CU attorneys filed motions to dismiss the claims, arguing that the regents and CU have immunity from such lawsuits under the 11th Amendment, and that CU has the right to undertake an investigation of whether a faculty member has committed violations of his or her duties. CU also filed motions to dismiss the breach-of-contract claims made by Churchill, who says in his lawsuit that the University breached its contract with him when CU failed to provide him with up to $20,000 for attorneys' fees to help pay for representation in his dismissal-for-cause procedure.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the judge's ruling, though:

The suit will be heard in Denver District Court by Chief Judge Larry Naves. CU Associate Counsel Patrick O'Rourke said Monday that no date has been set for a hearing on the motions, and that he does not expect any rulings for at least 90 days.
Update: A strange, scattered post from prairiemary on requiring American Indian history in schools. Not even sure why I'm linking to it, except that prairiemary seems interestingly strange and scattered herself.

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