Saturday, September 15, 2007

Saturday Night at the Radio!

I'm supposed to be camping tonight, but instead I'm home with Billy Bob and the Grippe. I need a heavy dose of Information Please.

First, a pre-war show with the regulars (New York Post columnist Franklin P. Adams and "general fount of wisdom" John Kieran) and guests Boris Karloff and Warden Lewis E. Lawes. Just delightful--and I got the quote from Ten Nights in a Barroom right away (24 January 1941).

And one from mid-war, with the regulars plus bitter crater-face and Nobel Prize-winner Sinclair Lewis and Lewis Browne, of whom I'd never heard (6 December 1943). Turn up the gain, Edna, the sound's a little muddy.

Update: Just because I can, here's the full text of Lewis' It Can't Happen Here, which the Drunkablog enjoyed mightily as a Young Adult. It is the power of the gods the Drunkablog wields! Bwahaha&tc.

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