Monday, April 10, 2006

"U.S.A.! U.S.A!"

That's what the chant sounded like, anyway, until Billy Bob and I slouched closer to the protest against the Mexican immigration bill--or, as the Denver Post ultra-delicately put it, "to call attention to reforming the country's immigration laws"--at Sloan Lake Park this evening.

Of course, what they were really chanting was "Si se puede! Si se puede!"

The gathering was billed as a vigil for those who've died attempting to cross the border--not, of course, like they used to in Berlin, trying to get out, but by heat stroke, hypothermia, and dehydration, trying to get in.

There were maybe 3-4000 people there, and more coming as I left. Lots of kids, lots of dogs, lots of old folks in lawn chairs. In other words, non-militants.

Stinking capitalists were out in force too.

As were the ubiquitous Aztec dancer-persons. They never miss a protest.

The cops were everywhere, and clearly itching to bust some hippie--I mean Mexican!--skull.

Couldn't really hear the speakers (the sound system sucked), but think I caught an "indigenous" or two. Boring. If I wanted to be linked by LGF, I had to find some commies, and fast. What to do? Hire a couple of bums to wear Che shirts? Too obvious. Oh, and the Drunkablog does not fake the news. (He's a journalist.) But finally, paydirt: a Cuban flag with bonus Che applique:

But no wind. All day long it's gusting like crazy; at sundown, nada.

Rats! Obviously a Cuban flag, but what's Loretta Lynn doing on it?

There you go! Che! See? Radicals.

Well, one radical. Chubby girl wearing a bandanna. I was sort of embarrassed for her. The only Che flag at the rally, the only bandanna. Right on, dork! No idea if International ANSWER (yes, I omit the periods even though they don't) was backing her.

Anyway, it was a beautiful evening for a protest.

(Credit: Loretta Lynn pic from The Southern Diaspora.)

Update: The Rocky had a photo of the candlelight part of the vigil on their front page for about 43 seconds before it was replaced by Carmelo Anthony going up for a shot in the Nuggets' game tonight (which won them the division title). Oh, here's the Post and News on the downtown rally.

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