Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Almost glommed for b & e today because I arrived early to this parenting class and tried to get into the building before anyone else was there. It's in Idaho Springs, which is terminally touristy, but when I found all the doors to the place locked I wandered around and took a picture or two.

Unfortunately, I also kept running into the (several) people who'd already observed me trying doors on this damn building. You could tell they thought I was a perv. Never helps in these situations that I look like a perv. Skulking around with my filthy camera.

Drunkablog readers will also have (quite naturally) assumed that the Drunkablog must have been required to attend this parenting class, whether by court order or some other legal mechanism.

But ho, no!

The Drunkawife teaches it, and he began attending early on in a spirit of healthy curiosity. It turned out to be such a soap opera (with which the Drunkablog is not involved!) that the Drunkablog is addicted. Plus the doc says the Drunkablog needs to get out more.

Update: We're never safe from clowns, are we? "Slipknot." Gonna be up late tonight.

Update II: Almost glommed for b & e? Almost glommed for b & e? Glommed doesn't even sound right there. But I see from my crappy online dictionary that it is: "[v] to seize upon or latch onto something; 'The Republicans glommed onto Whitewater'; [v] take by theft; 'Someone snitched my wallet!'"

So, I was almost glommed by the cops. Still sounds stupid.

Update III: "Someone snitched my wallet!"? That sounds pretty stupid too.

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