Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Now it can be told

Drunkablogistas! The Drunkablog interrupts your syncope to make an important announcement (drumroll, please): While he braves the wilderness in his birchbark canoe, the Drunkablog will, for the first time ever, host a guest blogger at this site! (Well, a guest cross-blogger, anyhow.)

(Cut drumroll)

And not just any blogger. No, at GREAT personal expense and no little risk to life and limb, the Drunkablog has managed to secure the unique blogging talents of the smart, funny, beautiful, strong and antidisestablishmentarianistic Caz, of the great Avatar Briefs!

(Cut drumroll!)

Regular readers if any will recognize Caz from her frequent and hilarious (i.e., sick) comments on this blog. She's good, ye spalpeens.

She's also, oddly, Australian, a Melbournian (Melbournite? Melbourningian?). Doesn't the exoticness of this give you that old "bow down before the power of blog" feeling? Well, it does me. I'm old enough to have used carbon paper in a typewriter. Now here's Caz in Australia, and she's going to post her writing here, on this skank blog written in Denver, and do it almost instantaneously. That such a thing is possible is simply a miracle. Yes, the D-blog is a simp.

Anway, Caz will start posting here Friday, when the Drunkablog will be reasonably close to Final Packing Frenzy, and she'll post thereafter whenever the hell she feels like it, until the Drunkablog returns around the 13th, dead but triumphant.

(Cut the friggin' drumroll!)

Oh, here's the D-blog's birchbark canoe:

Still in drydock: The Drunkawife calls it the "Desert Storm" model. It's fiberglass, of course, and the Drunkablog just figured out today that it had, like, a bunch of leaks. So he got out the Bondo and "patched" them (now there's some goooood scare quotes) very carefully, meaning not very carefully at all, since he "inadvertently" (two-fer!) huffed some Bondo resin and ended up using most of the Bondo on his face. Pray for the Drunkablog.

Update: It's remotely possible that, besides Caz, the Drunkawife and people even stranger will post here too. Not likely, but possible. Many are called but few are krausened.

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