Monday, April 17, 2006

Two Pulitzers for Rocky

Congratulations to Jim Sheeler and Todd Heisler, who won in the feature writing and feature photography categories, respectively, for the moving series Final Salute, "which told the story of the U.S. Marines who have the difficult task of making death notifications and caring for the loved ones left behind."

"RockyTalk Live" blogger Mark Wolf posts on the newsroom celebration; the Denver Post somehow refrains from gushing, contenting itself with the AP story; and Rocky editor John Temple hasn't updated his blog yet. And for pity's sake, where's the self-congratulatory editorial? (Oh, it's coming.)

Update via hotline from the Drunkawife: "What is a pulit, and why is it surprised?"

Update II: The Rocky's Linda Seebach, magnanimous in victory: "One more and we'll have caught the Denver Post -- and our four are all this century."

Update III: Mike Littwin gushes all over himself.

Update IV--4/19/06: Remarkably, Gateway Pundit uses the photo that won Todd Heisler the Pulitzer to help prove that Cindy Sheehan is a mendacious liar.

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