Monday, April 24, 2006

Panel finds problems in CU tenure process

The panel studying the tenure-granting process at CU will a issue a report that finds, among other things, that "some professors received the job protection without a full review of their work, that post-tenure evaluations aren’t rigorous enough, and that it’s too difficult to fire professors, even if their performance is so poor that students are adversely affected," the Rocky Mountain News says.

Where's Wardo?

The report also claims, according to the Rocky, that "The majority of the 95 randomly selected tenure cases reviewed by the committee . . . showed the university followed processes to the letter, said Howell Estes III, the retired Air Force general who led the investigation."

The majority? Retired Air Force General Howell Estes III? Not reassuring. The Rocky says the 180-page report contains 39 recommendations for changes to CU's tenure-granting process. No link yet, so no idea if the report names any of the professors granted tenure without "full review."

Update: The Post links to the tenure panel's report.

Update II: A CU provost calls the recommended changes "sweeping," but they ain't. Ward Churchill's case was not examined, by the way, and no names are named in the report.

Update III: Churchill comments on new charges of scholarly malfeasance: "Yo. Shutup." (via reader Keziah at Pirate Ballerina.)

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