Friday, April 28, 2006

Cross Pollination Blog Experiment

Okay, we all know
this can only end in tears, but have mercy – for my sake, if not for the sake of the happiness and harmony in the home and hearth of Mr & Mrs Drunka.

Yes, he is gone, he is gone, he is gone!

Drunka has abandoned his blog to spend two entire weeks in the real world – and up a creek, with a paddle.

Drunka himself foretold of this event way back on 20 April of this very year.

Drunka left yesterday, or today, or tomorrow, depending on your time zone, or when you read this post. He and his friends looked joyful as they tried on their matching safety outfits. [Drunka on the far left.]

– you thought you could slack-off for two weeks? Aye, aye? Is that what you thought? Went out and hired a pile of DVDs; bought a dozen good novels to read; did you? Well, nooooooo, there is no interruption to services, so tear up that “to do list”.

For the better behaved commenters
(meaning: anyone who comments – please, please, please spend two weeks visiting and commenting; but I’m not going to beg, okay, just do it of your own volition) refreshments and finger foods will be served in the foyer. And no making a mess! Just because it’s “open day” at Drunka’s place doesn’t mean we should run-amok – no running and no amoking!

Now, everyone behave and enjoy yourselves for the duration. What choice do you have? I’ve already locked the gates.

[Blogging is a strange little business isn’t it? Some people just can’t keep away from it. Notice how Drunka couldn't resist having “one last post”, and then another, and then another – his chubby little fingers refusing to surrender the keyboard.]


“World’s Best Ever Blogsitter”


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