Monday, April 03, 2006

Noam Chomsky--in the news!

Sorry. I'll keep it to a one-paragraph quote as I so egregiously failed to do recently in mocking a similar but lesser-known lunatic. It's from a previously unpublished (I think) interview which contains several gems of Chomp-speak, including this one on CU's investigation of the charges of plagiarism and scholarly misconduct against Ward Churchill:
You could take the entire Harvard faculty and investigate them as to how, whether they followed proper scholarly procedures, and I am certain you will find a huge number of cases where they don’t. If you want me to give you examples I can, where people publish, respected people, distinguished professors, publish what they know to be outright lies, fabrication, for the purpose of defamation, for the purpose of state worship and so on. There’s case after case about this. I mean, I’ve actually published some of them. Most of them I don’t bother with because I don’t like to explore these gutters. But, if anyone wants to carry out such inquiries it’ll be easy. Take the, I’ll tell you where ever [sic] to start.
Chomsky the ruthless exposer of academic fraud! He's like the Keith Windschuttle of America! Almost unbelievably, however, interviewer Grant Crowell fails to follow up on this highly senile provocative opinion. Crowell used to write for the Hawaii Reporter. He may still, but Pirate Ballerina (from whom I got the link, and who has his own fave quotes) describes him as a "documentarian." One thing he ain't is a proofreader. The transcript is a mess.

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