Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cliff notes

These are along the San Juan River in Utah.

The Buffalo is very different from the southwestern rivers the Drunkablog is used to, which tend to run through deserts. The Buffalo, in north central Arkansas, runs through wooded land. Fortunately the Drunkablog is an all 'rounder who knows how to thrive in any environment. For this trip he'll be sure to have his woollen spiral puttees:

And his multipurpose wilderness neckerchief:

Drunkablog (r., with pointed head) looking cool in camping hankie.

And of course he wouldn't be caught dead without his official U.S.A Dispatch Case:

It'll carry only one dispatch: "More brains."

But the Drunkablog really needs to brush up on his bark utensil-making:

A bark berry pail! How clever! Oh, the D-blog and his chums simply must go berrying! (The folding bark cup is from a dimension so alien the Drunkablog either ignores it or goes mad).

(Images from my falling-apart copy of the amazing Horace Kephart's Camping and Woodcraft (1917, and still in print--though, oddly, only in the U.K.), in which Horace taught his early 20th-century readers how to camp with style in a world without nylon.)

Update: The Drunkablog is signing off with this post so that his tiny peanut-shaped brain can concentrate on being sane and ready for this trip--a stretch under any circumstances, impossible if he's blogging. Luckily Caz is on hand to whip all you freaks into shape. Read her! Obey her! Kill for her!

Back in a couple of weeks.

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