Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Trilectical Clintonianism

Though I'm not the first to notice, it bears repeating: Michael Moriarity is off his rocker. The emmy-winning former star of Law and Order holds forth these days in the digital pages of Enter Stage Right and The American Partisan, the editors of which apparently lack the courage to say, "for the love of God, Michael, get help." Here's a sample of his writing, from a piece on Edmund Wilson, leftie author of To the Finland Station:

The original dialectical composition of forces was the party of the first part, or the Thesisist, the party of the second part, the anti-thesist, and the third party of the Arbiter or Synthesist. Mr. Clinton's I.Q. began to synthesize at such a speed and at such an early stage of his career and with increasingly less inhibition and fewer moral qualms, that his own self-image as Master Synthesizer was brilliantly marketed by his propaganda minister, James Carville, into the Prince of Peace-Keeping. Ergo, we now have Trilectical Clintonianism which is, in short, whenever two or more are gathered around William Jefferson Clinton, the former President always ends up in charge. Christ has been thrown out of the board room entirely.

Yes, this is taken out of context, but when the context is just more insanity, does it make any difference?

Update: Adjust your fillings, folks: Moriarity is running for president.

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