Friday, June 17, 2005

Tom and Katie, or, True Love's Triumph

"PARIS - Tom Cruise popped the question to Katie Holmes at the Eiffel Tower early Friday and then announced the news to the world - they're getting married."

The AP continues breathlessly, "Cruise turned to Holmes: "What did you say, darling? She said, 'Yes.' ... I've never actually been to the Eiffel Tower and I just, it's Paris, you know. It's beautiful, a beautiful city. It's very romantic. I'm excited to be here."

The Drunkawife and I visited the Eiffel Tower on our honeymoon, so naturally we wondered if while Tom was on bended knee, Katie looked demurely down at this quintessentially French view. Ah, romance.

Update: This site doesn't often "cover" Hollywood, so one more question: is Tom Cruise gay? Please feel free to respond privately by e-mail.

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