Thursday, June 23, 2005

They've disappeared Jim Sheeler's blog, too

Wonder if Rocky Mountain News editor John Temple cares that he has gotten zero comments on his post requesting feedback from readers about the RMN's ventures into blogging. (The post was in response to my criticism of his and other RMN blogs.)

Now like most other loser bloggers (redundant, ain't it?), I'm used to seeing "o comments" after my posts, and any tears I cry over it, I cry alone. But I'm a talentless and mendacious hack (she came up by googling "hack writer," by the way) of dubious sobriety (a much more obvious result) and I have nothing (more) to lose by blogging. Temple, who no doubt has been a golden boy all his professional life, must be staring into the abyss--Why doesn't anyone care about my blog?

Update: You know, I just figured out that Temple doesn't really want feedback--at least, not anymore. When he first linked to my post it was on his main page. Now that link is gone, so you have to click on "continue reading" to get to my criticisms. Now why would that be? Anybody? It wouldn't have anything to do with me calling Temple a stiff as a writer and otherwise pointing out (gently) that his blog sucks, would it?

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