Thursday, June 30, 2005

Rocky blog: pupils fixed and dilated

Rocky editor John Temple posted on his "blog" Tuesday for the first time since June 21. The previous update was titled, scintillatingly, "Response to EEOC column," and had readers weighing in on Temple's column bitching about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which recently nailed the Rocky for workplace racial discrimination to the tune of $375,000.

Temple's update Tuesday? "Response to my EEOC column," which, amazingly, also had a reader weighing in on the EEOC column. But see the difference? This one says "MY" EEOC column. Oh, the subhead says it's an "interesting letter." Gonna take your word on that, John.

Hey, maybe next week Temple can write a post titled something like, oh, I don't know, how about, "Even more response to my EEOC column." Yeah, that'll pull 'em in.

Temple's blog is moribund. Time to bury it and try again, though somehow I doubt that'll happen soon.

Update: It's a blog explosion!

Update II: Temple throws Drunkablog a curve: "EEOC responds to my critical column."

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