Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sowell-ed out

  • As a landlord it is sometimes necessary for Drunkablog to upbraid tenants who've behaved in ways injurious either to the Drunkablog manse (dog poop in yard, meth shack left untidy, etc.), or the Drunkablog's person (tenant offers to push Drunkablog's face completely in). Several years ago, however, Drunkablog gained some valuable perspective on landlording:

    Perspective. (courtesy Rocky Mountain News).

  • Fred Siegel on C-Span 2, plugging The Prince of the City June 2 at Book Expo America (Expo America Book?). Says he's thinking of writing next about what's happened to liberalism. Interviewer asks, well, what's happened to liberalism? He says, "basically, a leakage of reality."

  • That's, I say, that's a leakage of reality, son. It's a joke, son. Try to keep, I say, try to keep up with the class, son.

  • By the way, I can now watch three-week-old C-Span video of the America Expo Book or anything else any time--even while blogging. That's because I bought a brand-new, 13-inch color television, manufactured by the fine Korean concern Daewoo--for $60.

  • I've never gotten used to how faux Indian and revolutionary blowhard Ward Churchill still has a central Illinois accent. He sounds, in fact, like my Uncle Stanley, who farmed there all his life until he married a fancy woman from Springfield who gave parties with cocktails. Now he's dead.

  • Odd socks will be ruthlessly suppressed.
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