Monday, June 06, 2005

Anybody feel sorry for him yet?

As hoped, people stomp all over Ward Churchill in part 2 of the Rocky's investigation today, and it's drawing blood. The Plie-ing Pirate has lots o' links, and changes his toe shoes for Doc Martens to get in a few kicks himself, so I'll just pull a few of my favorite quotes from the Rocky:
  • Russell Thornton, professor of anthropology at UCLA, Cherokee Indian, and an expert on Indian population statistics, on Ward's academic research skillz: "He's a terrible scholar."
  • Ward, on Thomas Brown, an associate professor of sociology at Lamar University in Texas who refutes Ward's repeated claim that the U.S. Army gave Mandan Indians blankets infected with smallpox: "a punk."
  • Thornton again, also on Ward's smallpox allegations: "I think it's just out-and-out fabrication."

    It's going to be like Christmas every day (through Thursday).
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