Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sakes alive!

Romenesko links to a piece on two former editorial writers for the Indianopolis Star who have "sued the newspaper and its owner, Gannett Co., claiming religious, racial and age discrimination.

"[F}ormer editorial board members James Patterson and Lisa Coffey said top newsroom managers 'consistently and repeatedly demonstrated . . . a negative hostility toward Christianity.'

Well, at least it wasn't positive hostility toward Christianity. The suit claims that "Editor and Vice President Dennis Ryerson and Publisher Barbara Henry were hostile toward Christianity and Christian employees at The Star . . . . [and] strongly disagreed 'with anyone who had a biblical view of homosexuality.'

"'Lisa and I aren't the only employees that have been driven away from this company and we thought it was time for someone to say "Goodness gracious. This isn't right,"' Patterson said."

Just one comment: Theocrats habitually use this sort of extremist language ("goodness gracious") to intimidate any who oppose their attempt to make Christianity the national religion. They must be opposed with equally strong words. This post's title is my suggestion.

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