Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Churchill Cornucopia

The Rocky Mountain News kicked off a five-part (count 'em!) series today on sickening CU ethnic studies prof Ward Churchill. Looks good, even though the Rocky, being a big newspaper with libel attorneys and everything, irritatingly calls Churchill's gigantic lies and moral imbecilities merely "problems."

The Ward-centric Pirate Ballerina, which labors under, er, fewer such constraints, is having a disturbingly good time with the story. (The Ballerina's Jim Paine even helped the Rocky in its investigation of Churchill's ancestry for the series.) (He's still not an Indian.)

Anyway, the Rocky series promises good clean fun for sane Americans of all ages. The first part alone contains at least one line of comic genius: "If Churchill is cleared, the committee [on research misconduct] must determine to what extent his reputation has been damaged and how that might be atoned." Ha-ha!

Update: Second favorite line, from Ward: "I don't do the Lady Clairol and I don't do the pancake makeup like Susan Harjo, OK?"

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