Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Night at the Radio!

Ann Althouse had a post the other day on Harry Morgan, Jack Webb's partner Frank Gannon on the mid-60s version of Dragnet (and of course, Col. Potter on the Saint Al Show). So here's a Dragnet, long before Harry Morgan. "Big Mailman" (24 May 1951).

And since we were honoring Kim Jong Il's deathless work, "On Bringing About a Signal Turn in Potato Farming" the other day, we should (well, will) have an episode of I Was a Communist for the FBIiiiii: "Fifteen Minutes to Murder" (1 July 1953).

Jack Benny: "Jack Takes His Song to a Publisher" (14 October 1951).

Escape: "She" (11 July 1948). H. Rider Haggard story. John Mortimer must have taken "She Who Must Be Obeyed" from this, mustn't he? Wonder if he ever said so.

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