Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Been slowly changing over to CFL bulbs in the last year or so (since they got so much cheaper), but here's a fun (well, boring) fact: There are six incandescent bulbs in this house that I haven't had to replace since we bought the sh--sinkhole almost eleven years ago: three in an overhead fixture in a bedroom and three vanity bulbs above the mirror in a bathroom. Not as impressive as this, but these lights are turned on and off all the time. Any other Howard Family bulbs out there?

Update: From the Centennial Bulb "facts" page: "Charles Kurault of the TV program "On the Road with Charles Kurault" visited the bulb in the 1970s and included it in his book as well."

Visited the bulb.

Update II: From the main page: "For those of you who watch the Discovery channel you might have caught the episode 69 of MythBusters. No, they were not questioning the Bulb . . . "

Never question the Bulb!

Update III: Freaks me out that the main-page montage includes a pic of a little girl touching the Bulb. Rumor has it she was ritually sacrificed afterwards.

Update IV: Praise the Bulb. Praise it with great praise.

Update V: Praise the Bulb! The Bulb grows angry!

Update VI: By "rumor," of course, I mean "the local newspaper."

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