Sunday, January 04, 2009

BBC bias exposed--in the Huffington Post?

The righty blogosphere was bawuzzin' this weekend about Huffpoop publishing an anti-AGW piece that actually disses oddly shaped alien Gore-al ("Mr Gore, Apology Accepted"), but I haven't seen anything about this equally astonishing piece last week on the BBC's anti-Israel bias during the late unpleasantness (and every other time, of course):

A brief example -- the BBC persistently refer to "Israel's attacks" on a "Palestinian militant group." First, Israel is responding to unfaltering attacks, amounting to more than 6,300 rockets and mortars on Israeli citizens, since Israel left Gaza in 2005. Second, the 'militant group' are Hamas. Not a militant group in terms of a unified national army, but, an internationally recognised terrorist organisation who have taken control of the Gaza strip. On Saturday, Hamas re-declared war on Israel and proclaimed their ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel. Israel has been forced to respond so as to protect the lives of civilians, by way of targeting Hamas leaders through directed airstrikes and seeking to avoid danger to as many Palestinian and Israeli civilians as
possible. . . .

The BBC fail to mention how Hamas have thanked Israel for a) uprooting over 9,000 Israeli civilians and removing all presence from Gaza in 2005 in an effort to achieve peace and, b) allowing the extra supplies on Friday. Since 2005, Hamas have launched more than 3,500 rockets and mortars into Israel and claimed responsibility for numerous terrorist attempts in the region. In response to Friday's generosity, Hamas fired more than 40 rockets into Israeli cities and vowed to continue the attack against Israel, on Saturday. The result? Hamas threatens the lives of 250,000 Israelis who live in range of Gaza fired rockets. Israel has had to order residents in the south of the country to remain in bomb shelters while Israel attempts to secure the region.

And so on. Obvious stuff to any BBC-watcher, but in Huffpo? Maybe Arianna's about to turn back into a conservative. (God, I hope not.)

(via Biased BBC, which is doing excellent work exposing the BBC's not-so-subtle support of terrorists.)

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