Friday, January 16, 2009

Greg Gutfeld on CU's bright idea

The "chair in conservative thought," which I thought had already been quietly shelved or warehoused or whatever:
The University of Colorado announced plans to create a "chair in conservative thought" at their very liberal campus. But already College Democrats are fighting the move, saying it's politicizing the academic environment.

Which is funnier than clown pee.

I mean, the University of Colorado's campus is nothing but politicized — the students are all lefty conformists with politics as edgy as Howie Mandel's head.

Worse, watching these tools defend professors like Ward Churchill — the jackass who thought 9/11 was awesome — makes you realize why college kids often make the best victims when hitchhiking. . . .
Update: The Post: "Planned chair at CU lacks funding."

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