Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here's part of a comment from "Bilal" on a thread at Biased BBC. It's in response to "frankos," whom Bilal somehow thinks is Jewish (he's not), and several other commenters:
With no due respect, do not forget that you in ratio to Muslims are a minority in the UK frankos. Regardless of anything; how long do you think it will be before an insurrection targeting you miserly, yes - "stinking", sons of pigs will initiate? What do you think is being cooking up in Iran? How long do you think it will be until the "Islamists" hold military coups (e.g. in nuclear-armed Pakistan) in ousting the futile Arab treacherous "leaders" who have their fingers stuck up their arses; then collectively use their arsenal and numbers to walk into occupied Palestine and re-institute the gas chambers of World War 2? From their perspective; why shouldn’t they? What good have you done that should make them think twice? What have you done that should make any anti-cancerous human think twice? If there is a cancer that is killing the world, whether directly or indirectly; one should remove it. “The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”, as Mel Gibson so adequately put it. . . .

You people should be hunted down.

To conclude; I'm above you sub-vermin. Hence I will not lower myself by stooping to remaining in your lowly genocide-supporting cyber-pigsty.

Wishing you all non-Benign testicular (or cervical in Sue’s [a frequent B-BBC commenter] case) cancer . . .
Scroll up for earlier and scarcely less vituperative Bilal comments, but scroll down first. Things get, um, lively.

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