Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Night at the Radio!

Our Miss Brooks: "Putting the Touch on Miss Brooks" (24 October 1948).

The Great Gildersleeve: "Visit from Aunt Hattie" (4 February 1944). A little skippy, but tolerable.

Night Beat: "Old King Death" (10 July 1950).

Spike Jones Spotlight Revue: "Guest Mel Torme" (9 April 1948).

CBS Radio Workshop: "Brave New World (part I)" (27 January 1956). With narration by Aldous Huxley hisself and music by Bernard Herrmann. Yep, that's William Conrad helping out. This, as John Dunning would say, is an example of radio putting on its long pants. Of course, radio drama was already nearly dead, so it was putting on its pants only to wander aimlessly about the halls while everybody else watched TV.

And part II (3 February 1956).

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