Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I'm getting a restraining order

Another e-mail from Michelle:
John --

Last week, the Presidential Inaugural Committee announced that we're bringing 10 supporters to Washington, DC for several days of Inaugural celebrations.

With the deadline coming up on Thursday, I'm pleased to announce the selection of the first grassroots supporter who will be attending the Inauguration.

Cynthia Russell from Newberry, Florida, and her guest [read the FYI] will attend the welcome ceremony, Barack's swearing-in, the Inaugural Parade, and our Neighborhood Inaugural Ball.

Cynthia is a builder and has been feeling the impact of the recent economic crunch. She wrote:
Hope'n'changehope'n'changehope'n'change . . .
We need to select 9 more supporters like Cynthia, and I would love for you to be one of them.
I'm in!
Make your donation of $5 or more . . .
I'm out!
Supporters like you made this historic moment possible.
True, true.
You gave your passion and hard work to this movement, you brought millions of new people into the political process . . . and we're counting on you to do the same for the Inauguration.
You want me to bring millions of people to the inau--sorry--Inauguration?

You could be there to celebrate your amazing accomplishments and give a strong start to the change you fought so hard for.

My mom doesn't think my accomplishments are so amazing.
Please make a donation of $5 or more and help us celebrate everything you did to make this day possible.

Nothing could be better than having you there to be a part of this historic event.
Aw, shucks.
Thank you for everything you've done to bring us to this moment,
My pleasure, sweetie.

P.S. -- The opportunity to be part of this historic event is open to everyone, regardless of whether you make a donation. Participate now by telling us what this Inauguration means to you.
That link, which sounds like it might go to yet another "Why I Love Obama and Want to Become Gravid With His Mutant Children (And Then Abort Them at Taxpayer Expense)" contest, instead goes to a donation page. What, you don't want my opinion anymore? Also, while I received the e-mail on the 11th, the selection process or whatever it was ended on the 8th.

Thanks a lot, Michelle.

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