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Hadn't been to visit the sane 'n' steady folks at the Maoist Internationalist Movement for a while, so I stopped by today. They said to say "hi" to y'all.

They've been doing some redecorating around the old site. For example, they've added a handy one-word description to their headlines to let us know what kind of piece each one links to:


It's really helpful. Let's say you read this headline: "Attention racist CIA lackey." Before MIM added classifications you might have been confused. "Is this article on STRATEGY AND TACTICS, or WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A COMMUNIST," you'd ask yourself, thereby wasting time you could be using to help the proletariat to victory.

Now you know right away. "Attention racist CIA lackey," it turns out, is IDEOLOGY. "I have been feeling the need for a little ideological reinforcement," you say to yourself, and click:
by Security Minister

You have 10 days to show up at and admit the following:

1. I have a connection to the CIA.

2. I worked with "RCP."

3. I pornographically harassed MIM as a third party voyeur.

4. MIM is definitely not crazy to be concerned about spies [bold added to highlight craziness--ed.]

5. In the Vietnam War, I did not struggle against naming non-imperialist war criminals, but for persynal racist and pornographic reasons I did struggle to lighten the attack on Iraq war criminals.

You will also write a letter using points 1 and 3 to a mutual acquaintance using your real name and your best guess at names for point 3 and see that it gets passed on to MIM. You will not use the MIM PO Box. If this does not happen within 10 days, MIM is going to start documenting what it is talking about. The 10 days will be cut short if any further harasssment of MIM requires that the 10 day deadline be cut short.
Security Minister is pissed! "Lackey" was disloyal (read only if you enjoy the paranoia of others), and you know what happens when commies fall out:
Lackey, this is your best chance to keep the range of hurt feelings to a limited few. And if anything happens to the MIM web page, people should google in the next few weeks for +"Security Minister," +"Maoist Internationalist Movement." This lackey better hope nothing happens to the Security Minister or select comrades, because if it does, the story is going to come out in more brutal form . . . ."
Yep. Ideology.

We've done things your dumb Liberal way for many years. It did not work. Now we're going to try getting to the bottom of this a different way.

Just think about all the shit MIM does not care about and count your blessings, pig. Get this done and then peace be with you.

And with you!

Flars of evil

MIM has always been concerned about convicts in American prisons. You know how Stalinists love criminals--lowest of the low, oppressed of the oppressed, vanguard of the revolution, etc. Well now MIM's added a convict poetry section. A loooonng convict poetry section. I waded through it (so you don't have to), and found this:
The next seven poems were inspired by the book Agents of Repression which is about the government COINTELPRO wars against revolutionary groups in the 1960s and 70s.
Isn't it romantic? A poem cycle dedicated to Ward Churchill's 1988 book on the feds' "war" against AIM and the Black Panthers. Here's a sample:

Government Skeleton Crew

Laws that ignites dissension among the people

Professional criminals with badges of authority

Diabolical actions summed into the cointelpro era

Frameups to prosecute all leftist potential

Ku Klux Klans sworn into the oval office

Concentration camps as windows to population control

Executive tricks for the disappearance of martyrs

Congressional statutes to eradicate radical voices

Memorandums transformed into secret service bullets

An opened grave to another dying song
Kind of like that last line. One more:

Status Quo Democracy

Status quo with a national police force

Answering only to those among its ranks

Civil murders as the main recourse

Agent provocateurs at the helm of its flanks

Centuries of suppressing freedom of speech

A lifetime dedicated to reactionary pursuits

Domestic wars protecting the corporate leech

Raising the fascist flag for new recruits

As Peter N. Kirstein of the University of Northern Iowa says, "Revolution!"

Update: Sorry to be so predictable, but: "the helm of its flanks"?

Update II: New! Elongated twin powerfists w/giant cuffs!

Update III: Commenter Noj notes that Peter Kirstein actually teaches at St. Xavier University, not Northern Iowa. As its name implies, St. Xavier is a Catholic school. Revolution!

Update IV: Commenter Snapple noticed that Security Minister continued his/her ideological instruction yesterday: "Attention racist CIA asswipe: Part II." Money quote:
As you know, racist CIA asswipe, MIM already knows that you have a long history of causing problems for your own reasons. The unknown quantity for MIM is the FBI. MIM theorizes that if we make an example out of racist CIA asswipe, this issue will quickly simmer down internationally. No one will have to be guessing where this or that shit came from.
Run, racist CIA asswipe, run!

Update V: I have got to get categories. More MIM hijinks here and here, among other places. If you want to see your husband/wife and children again, you will read them and sign where indicated!

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