Monday, November 20, 2006

Moron joins 21st century

As a Luddite (actually more of a Cruddite) I held out long after it quit making sense to do so, but a couple of weeks ago I finally got a cell phone.

It's okay. Works pretty good.

Sheet, who am I kidding? I love it, love it, luff it! It's a Razor (probably spelled Razr) I got through T-Mobile (the company that has the commercials with Catherine Beta-Whatever-who-married-that-guy-who-was-in-The-Streets-of-San-Francisco-no-not-Karl-Malden-the-other-guy), and it is the ultimate in groovitation. The cool kids like me now.

And we got some variety of fambly plan, so I'll save money, just like people have told me I would for about seven years now!

Update: It is spelled Razr. Just paid a few bills today. One was to Citi, a credit card company, another to Xcel, the local power company, and another to Qwest, my old phone company. If anybody wants me I'll be hanging from the showr rod.

Update II: Here's a Razr.


And here's the D-a-W's phone:

Mega-unhip. Someone, we don't know who, tried to eat it (note holes). Police are investigating, but amazingly, the thing still works perfectly.

Update III: Here's a completely unrelated (and unposed!) picture of Josie:

She sure likes her phones, er, bones!

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