Friday, November 17, 2006

Churchill talks!

Marathon Pundit says Bill O'Reilly's Most Ridiculous Item of the Day (everybody's got one) was a clip of a producer "confronting" Ward Churchill outside his house and Ward telling the producer to "kiss my ass." The producer then asked Ward if he'd ever apologize for calling 9/11 victims "nazis." Yeah, that's gonna happen. Like the "F-Troop Indian" (as M-Pundit calls him) is suddenly gonna see the light when Wedgehead Bill's producer yaps at him.

Update: Ya got a tregger fanger, don't ya?

Update II: Petty to point it out, but petty's my middle name: the Drunkablog likened Churchill to an F-Troop Indian long ago (scroll down a titch).

Update III: "titch" is not pronounced "teesh."

Update IV: I'll stop linking to myself now.

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