Friday, November 03, 2006

Weird Bird Friday

Drunkawife here, with another edition of Weird Bird Friday.

This week, we take an historical view of the weird bird. Here is a weird bird from the ruins of Cacaxtla, in the state of Tlaxcala (east of Mexico City), from around 500-700 AD.

A bespectacled heron

Here's another bird, not as weird, but I like it.

Impressive looking claws, don't you think?

These two pictures are from a reproduction of the orginal mural. Here's a sample of the real thing.

It's amazing that it's as colorful as it is after so many years.

Next week, we'll explore weird birds from Greenland!

P.S. I'm lying about Greenland. The only place I've really traveled is Mexico, so you're stuck with Mexican weird birds for the duration.

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