Saturday, November 11, 2006

Security Minister: forces of reaction gather in Churchill case

Snapple points out another invigorating bout of paranoia from our friend Security Minister of the Maoist Internationalist Movement, this one actually concerning MIM's favorite academic (and ours), Ward Churchill.

MIM doesn't have any hangups about ownership, of course (they're communists!), so Security Minister won't mind if I quote a little more of his communique than one normally would under "fair use":
We have rumors of five camps taking action in Colorado and we are seeing provocations including one after we shut down email.

1) Ward Churchill

2) FBI

3) "RCP"

4) MIM Thought-inspired comrades

5) Liberal (for lack of better information)

In terms of any conflicts in Colorado, the goals of the "RCP" and FBI would be identical via the MIM-Thought camp.

Security Minister always puts "RCP" in quotes like that, probably because he considers the Revolutionary Communist Party to be neither revolutionary nor communist. To MIM everyone is a right deviationist.

The only two camps we can say we have hard knowledge of for sure are Ward Churchill's and FBI's.

Why does Security Minister hate the definite article?
The other three camps may only be commenting from the sidelines and may not really exist.

That's funny. I comment from the sidelines and may not really exist.

This has to do with the 50-40-10 situation of things being 50% infiltrated by spies.

Those damn 50-40-10 situations of things being 50% infiltrated by spies!

MIM is supporting the Ward Churchill camp and opposing the FBI camp and Colorado media. Among other things the federal attorney in Colorado has done nothing appropriately to protect Ward Churchill's civil rights. The Colorado media have very low credibility for us, even lower than in the rest of the country.

Security Minister is correct in all particulars. Well, maybe just the last particular.
MIM is pushing public opinion work and perhaps there are people in Colorado who can do propaganda (theory) work, because it is too early in the revolution to do recruiting. Right now vanguard people recruit themselves.
Too early in the revolution for recruiting? I bet they haven't even tried the obvious. But being a vanguard persyn sounds dangerous:

Frankly speaking, all alleged [sic] MIM-inspired activities in Colorado are under heavy suspicion, because of specific goals of the enemy in Colorado and timing. People who pop up out of no where should be scrutinized carefully. . . . .

And, just in case you were curious (not healthy):
There is no MIM comrade in Colorado. Anyone who said so is lying. There could be MIM Thought-inspired comrades. They should stay out of confrontation with individuals in general. No one should agree to meet with someone who claims to be some MIM Thought-inspired persyn [Ha! I used it first!] out of nowhere. Be sensible and meet them if you know them already. Some shit is stirring.

If Security Minister says so, you can take it to the bank, comrades. So to speak.

Update: The Michigan Every Three Weekly has an undated but important story about advances in MIM's technological capabilities.

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