Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wreath fans wax wroth

The News jumps into the wreath "controversy" with both club feet, running not one but two polls. The first is "Should the wreath stay or go?" At the moment it's 96 percent "stay," four percent "go."

The second is, "What does the wreath symbolize to you?" Choices are:

  • Peace

  • Holiday theme

  • Satan

  • Something else

    Strangely, "Peace" leads with 306 votes; "Something else" has 20; "Holiday theme," 19; and "Satan," three.

  • Update: Rocky columnist Mike Littwin calls it "the most idiotic story of the year." He ought to know; it's his paper running the stupid polls.

    Update II: Official RMN blogger Mark Wolf asks plaintively, "How did Colorado become ground zero for weird news?" I've wondered that myself.

    Update III: The Post has another so-dumb-it's-great headline: "Peace wreath wins battle." Everybody knows peace wreathes are incapable of violence.

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