Thursday, November 09, 2006

It rubs in the lotion or it gets the hose

Taking a friend to the hospital today for tests. Don't know what they're going to do, but they won't let her drive home afterwards, so I'm chauffeuring. For some reason they require my presence there the whole time, too.

That means it's filler time!

I've posted pictures of this road before. It leads down to a put-in spot on the Green River:

Steep, steep, steep.

Years ago some guy got out of his car to guide his wife around a washed-out curve and watched as she slid over the edge and down. It took them days to get her body out.

We don't worry, though:

Our bus is equipped with a high-tech braking system the outfitter calls "a rock with a rope tied to it."

Update: Ed Bradley died. He was only 65, roughly half the age of Mike Wallace and Morley Safer.

Update II, 6:02 p.m.: Everything's hunky- (provisionally and subject to the usual disclaimers) dorey with my friend, so that's good. I was hoping the place had wi-fi so I could be the first person to live-blog a hospital waiting room, but the receptionist was all "I don't even want to know what you're talking about," so that was out. It might have been interesting. Probably not.

Instead I just read. I'm still on the same book.

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